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Stefaan Eens

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for cars. Since the late 80’s my interest turned into  classic cars. By the way, the SPA in SPA classic cars are my initials.

My own interest and passion is with english and italian sportscars and… Porsche. I have owned and still own serveral classics like MGB’s, Austin Healey 3000 and Porsche 911’s. I deliberatly talk about “classic” cars, not oldtimers. Oldtimers are typically considered any car older then 25 or 30 years.

In my opnion, a classic car has the following characteristics:

  • it’s a sports car
  • it’ a model that was used in competition, either rally or on the track
  • It was already highly desirable when it was launched and of course still is today
  • Adding to the classic status appeal is age, rarity and styling

Again, it’s a personal opinion but it’s clear that the above cars are valuable and much loved by the conaisseurs.

The goal of SPA Classic cars is to find and sell good driver classics that will provide you with a lot of joy for many years to come and at the same time offer you a good investment.


Stefaan PA Eens